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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio accusations

Some ugly accusations have been thrown at Alberto Del Rio once again. Another promoter is having issues with the former world heavyweight champion. The people who run xWx are saying that Del Rio is purposely canceling a booking at the last minute by demanding a very expensive upgrade on his plane ticket. Since the promotion is in Europe, it would have cost them close to $7,000 to make the change. Instead, they canceled the appearance.
October 13, 2015
Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio injured

Looks like the momentum that Alberto Del Rio had picked up over the last couple of months is about to take a hit. It has now been revealed that he has suffered a torn quad. The injury reportedly took place while he was working a match down in Mexico. Since he did not want to skip out on a scheduled appearance, Del Rio still flew to Connecticut this past weekend and worked a match. He teamed up with Matt Hardy to take on Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson.
March 9, 2015
Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio contract

Right before Impact Wrestling made its debut on Destination America, TNA wanted to make a big splash by signing a well known performer to make a surprise appearance. A $400,000 contract was put on the table for Alberto Del Rio. Management even sweetened the deal by limiting the amount of appearances that he would be required to make during the year. For whatever reasons, the former world heavyweight champion declined the offer.
January 18, 2015
Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio to ROH

There is a very good chance that another world heavyweight champion is going to be making his way to ROH very soon. Reports have surfaced that Alberto Del Rio, who recently won the top belt in AAA, has agreed to make a couple of appearances in the early part of next year for the promotion. He will not be a permanent fixture, however, because Del Rio still has plans on signing with Lucha Underground, while continuing to work out of Mexico as well.
December 11, 2014