The Alberto Del Rio retirement is happening within the next two years. That is the current plan set forth by the former WWE star. He stated that he wants to go out while still on top. So many performers remain in the business well past their physical prime. Del Rio does not want to be in that position. He wants to set himself up financially to ensure that he can walk away whenever he chooses. Alberto has been working on a couple of business ventures. He also plans on doing another two years with Impact Wrestling and will walk away when the contract expires.

Alberto Del Rio business ventures

To his credit, Alberto Del Rio is making sure that he does not rely solely on one source of income. He remains the president of Combate Americas. The first Hispanic MMA company recently hosted their first live event in Mexico back in January. Comate Americas has also produced a reality television show that was sold to Amazon. Del Rio opened up a restaurant and bar in San Antonio. The TNA star is using his fame to help bring customers towards the business. Alberto is also starting up his own soap opera. If all these ventures continue to do well, then the retirement from wrestling is almost guaranteed.

Alberto Del Rio not done with wrestling

To cover all of his bases, Alberto Del Rio is leaving the door to wrestling slightly ajar. He is smart enough to know that things happen in business. Some of his ventures might not work out as he had hoped. Del Rio has name value as a wrestler. He knows that he can convince promoters to hire him for shows. Provided he does not suffer a major injury, that is an option that he can fall back on. Even if business does great, Alberto might still be convinced to work a match here and there. Promoters just need to throw out an offer that is hard to refuse.

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