Now that he is talking about retirement, the Alberto Del Rio net worth is a topic of interest. Fans are curious to know if he is financially comfortable enough to walk away from wrestling. While net worth does not exactly show how much money a person has, it is a decent indicator. Del Rio is worth approximately $6 million. That is a decent amount of wealth. The amount might surprise some. However, Alberto did spend years being paid well by WWE. Those big paychecks provide a nice boost to a person’s net worth. Del Rio can probably survive not working matches every weekend.

Alberto Del Rio salary increase

Everyone loves getting a raise. Not only does that make workers feel more appreciated, they are also happier because there is more money to spend on things. Alberto Del Rio received some nice raises from WWE over the years. The amount is something that most people can only dream of. The salary increases helped his net worth rise exponentially. In 2013, World Wrestling Entertainment paid Del Rio a salary of $300,000 a year. It doubled in 2014, going up to $675,000 a year. Alberto saw his net worth escalating even higher in 2015 when WWE paid him $1.5 million a year. Bills are not hard to pay when checks are that high.

Alberto Del Rio and Paige net worth

Since the couple is great at making headlines, it should come as no secret that Alberto Del Rio and Paige are soon to be married. Financially, they do pretty well together. Del Rio has a net worth of approximately $6 million. Paige brings something to the table as well. She is worth approximately $3 million. Her net worth might decline a little bit in the near future, though. There is a very good chance that her stint with WWE is going to come to an end by next year.

Alberto Del Rio net worth decline

The anticipated Alberto Del Rio retirement might have quite the effect on his net worth. A decline would not come as a shock. Without those paychecks from TNA, Del Rio loses a little stability. The net worth also declines a bit if he cuts back on working independent wrestling shows. Alberto is a big name. He commands a good amount of money from promoters. Then again, it is not impossible for Del Rio to raise his net worth. If his outside business ventures all work out, then it might be higher than the approximate $6 million that he is worth now.

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