Alberto Del Rio cancels shows during Wrestlemania 33 weekend. He wants to spend time with Paige instead.

Alberto Del Rio cancels shows

By now, everyone knows that people in the industry like to capitalize on Wrestlemania weekend. That is why promoters around the country flock to whatever city WWE is hosting their big pay per view. Performers also line up for shows because it is a big payday. Alberto Del Rio is one of the biggest available names in the game. However, the former world heavyweight champion has decided to cancel his plans. Del Rio is going to spend time with Paige instead.

Dealing with Paige sex tape

Fans are defending Paige since her sex tape was leaked online. The whole world has seen her in a different light now. Many feel that she has done nothing wrong. However, there is always going to be some judgmental eyes out there. That has made things difficult for Paige. She is no stranger to controversy. Yet, this is a lot more difficult to deal with than the other things that have been going on. As her fiancee, Alberto Del Rio has to figure out how to cope with things, both personally and professionally.

WWE avoiding Paige

Paige is still under contract with WWE. Management usually likes having all of their performers available for Wrestlemania weekend. Normally, the front office might ask Paige to be available in Orlando. At the very least, she can do Axxess events. She can still meet and greet fans. However, with the controversy surrounding the sex tape, World Wrestling Entertainment would much rather she stay low key. Doing that prevents anyone from adding fuel to the fire. It appears that Paige is down with that plan. She does not want to be in the spotlight whatsoever at this point in time.

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