While doing a tour of Europe, Alberto Del Rio found himself at a night club with his younger brother, who worked as Memo Montenegro while under contract with WWE in their NXT brand. An altercation occurred, and the two brothers found themselves fighting with another patron. Del Rio and Montenegro worked over the guy pretty well, as he ended up in the hospital.

Eyewitnesses are saying that Alberto Del Rio was quite defiant when the police arrived. The former WWE Heavyweight Champion managed to break through the wrist handcuffs that were utilized, so authorities had to use ankle cuffs to help contain Del Rio.

Upon getting to the jail, further drama escalated when Alberto Del Rio and Memo Montenegro got into an argument. The brothers ended up getting into a fist fight with one another, which required approximately ten police officers to intervene.

Alberto Del Rio was released from jail and returned to the United States. Reports are saying that he was with Paige when she went backstage at the sight of Monday Night Raw, which is taking place in Tampa tonight. The troubled diva needed to meet with WWE because they wanted to run a medical examination to see how her surgically repaired neck is coming along.

No word on whether or not Del Rio was actually in the backstage area. The former world heavyweight champion did not leave the company on the best of terms, despite what he has attempted to claim. There were plenty of people in the front office that were not pleased that Paige and Del Rio were in a relationship with one another. There were also several performers, especially the divas, that did not approve of the relationship, either.

Also, there is no word on whether or not Memo Montenegro is still in jail.

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