The real life relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige continues to be a hot topic of interest among pro wrestling fans.

Another breakup rumor surfaced online this weekend.

Someone who claims to be close to the couple reportedly started the rumors. However, it has seen been dispelled by a newer rumor.

Paige posted a photo of herself on Instagram hanging out with Alberto Del Rio at a water park in Orlando over the weekend. On Twitter, the WWE diva also instructed fans to relax. Some believe that is her way of denying the rumors.

Apparently, Jeff Jarrett was the one that gave them the VIP pass to the water park. Paige made sure to thank him on Instagram. That might not sit well with World Wrestling Entertainment officials for her to be mentioning the man running TNA.

As far as the breakup is concerned, this is unlikely to be the last time these rumors pop up. Every single time Paige and Alberto Del Rio postpone their wedding, people speculate. It might even continue after they officially tie the knot.

Still no word yet on when Paige will be returning to action for WWE. She has recently been training more which led to people assuming that it was in preparation for her much anticipated return to the ring.

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