Reports have surfaced online about an Al Snow arrest. Not a lot of details are known at the moment. Things remain a mystery. As of right now, we know that the former WWE and TNA star was put into custody in Kentucky. He did manage to make bail. The early word is that the arrest is due to “failure to appear”. The bail amount was just $234. It could be a simple matter of Snow failing to show up for court. Things do not appear to be too serious at the moment. If anything, Al will end up having to pay some court fees.

Al Snow explains arrest

It did not take Al Snow long to explain the situation to fans. He stated that there was a typographical error that caused him to be taken into custody by police officers. It stems from a ticket that Snow received two years back. He was cited for a broken taillight and having an expired insurance card. Al was not aware that there was a bench warrant for his arrest. He revealed that three police officers approached his vehicle before putting him into handcuffs. Snow jokingly warned fans because he now has experience behind bars.

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