Wrestling Revealed

Adrian Neville debut

A video on YouTube of former NXT champion Adrian Neville making his WWE debut on Monday Night Raw in a match against Curtis Axel.
March 31, 2015

Neville vs Owens

A video on YouTube of the brutal match between Adrian Neville and Kevin Owens on the latest episode of NXT.
February 19, 2015

Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor

A video on YouTube where WWE developmental wrestlers Adrian Neville and Finn Balor battle one another to see who will become the top contender for the NXT Heavyweight Championship.
February 13, 2015

Best shooting star press

A video on YouTube from WWE, where the company shows off some of the best shooting star press spots in the history of the company. It seems a way for them to promote Adrian Neville and his rumored promotion to the main roster.
February 10, 2015