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Goldust at Survivor Series

In case you did not watch the Survivor Series kickoff show, Goldust made his return to WWE after spending months on the sidelines with an injury. He was one of the ten mystery contestants in the elimination tag team match. The veteran performer teamed with Adrian Neville, Titus and the Dudley Boyz. The focal point of the match was his feud with Stardust that never really ended.
November 22, 2015
Adrian Neville

Smackdown November 5

A post on YouTube where WWE shows us the top 10 moments from the episode of Smackdown that aired on November 5, including an awesome moonsault that Adrian Neville does outside the ring.
November 8, 2015
Bo Dallas

Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville

A post on YouTube where WWE gives us a sneak peek of the discussion that Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville have on an upcoming episode of Table For 3.
November 5, 2015

Rusev torn biceps injury

During the taping for Main Event, Rusev worked a match against Adrian Neville, and he appeared to have suffered an injury. Reports have surfaced that it is a torn biceps, which would mean that he would need to take some time away from the ring. The severity of the injury has not been confirmed, but it was bad enough that WWE had to stop the match. Rusev did an angle afterwards where he threw a fit about the injury.
October 28, 2015

Smackdown September 10

A post on YouTube where WWE highlights the ten best moments from the episode of Smackdown that aired on September 10, 2015. Adrian Neville saves the Lucha Dragons from an attack. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and the other divas get into a huge brawl. Plus, Ryback and Seth Rollins battle in a lumberjack match.
September 11, 2015
Dean Ambrose

Neville joining Ambrose and Reigns

Another name that has popped up in the rumor mills as the mystery partner for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns when they face all three members of the Wyatt Family at Night of Champions is Adrian Neville. The reason for the speculation is that the high flyer ran out with Ambrose at a live event over the weekend in New Jersey to save Reigns from an attack by Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman.
September 6, 2015
Adrian Neville

Cosmic Wasteland

It looks like WWE has figured out a way to find something new for Stardust to do and make The Ascension a bit more relevant. The trio formed a stable on Smackdown called Cosmic Wasteland. Their intended target was Adrian Neville. No word yet on how permanent of a group this will be. There is some speculation that Neville might get some help in his battle against the new stable.
September 4, 2015
Samoa Joe

Breeze vs Liger

Since he did such a good job during the first match, NXT officials are thinking about having Tyler Breeze as the primary opponent for Jushin Liger, who recently signed a new contract with WWE that will see him working additional dates. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are two other potential candidates to work against the legend from Japan. Main roster guys such as Adrian Neville could be brought down for a match as well.
August 27, 2015
Adrian Neville

WWE main roster promotion

As some of you already know, NXT performers are paid a whole lot less than their counterparts on the main roster in WWE. They also do not have as much travel expenses since they are not on the road as frequently. When a performer like Kevin Owens or Adrian Neville gets called up to the main roster, the company helps them make the transition by paying for all of their travel expenses for the first three months. They're on their own after that.
August 27, 2015
Adrian Neville

Finn Balor wants to stay in NXT

Apparently, the main roster is not the goal for everyone. Finn Balor revealed that he would prefer to avoid being a regular WWE star for the time being because he loves what is taking place down in NXT. He feels that it is revolutionary, and he wants to continue to be a part of that. Balor might also be hesitant because he sees how quickly management halted the push for Adrian Neville.
August 16, 2015