When the internet wrestling community was first formed, there were a couple of insiders who provided a glimpse of what things were like behind he curtains. They enabled fans to figuratively walk right past the gorilla position and straight into the locker room. These insiders took a lot of pride in being able to tell the story behind the industry in their own particular ways.

Then, others got involved.

Several websites started popping up, especially since platforms such as GeoCities made it so easy for anyone to have their own space on the internet. Rather than telling their own story, many took the words out of the mouths of the insiders. “Copy and paste” websites essentially flooded the market and slowly pushed out the insiders, leaving only a few behind.

As lifelong fans of pro wrestling, it did not make a lot of sense to see websites taking the words of others instead of telling things from their own perspectives. So many preferred being carbon copies of one another that it created an opportunity for some to be unique in the industry.

The opportunity led to the birth of Wrestling Revealed.

Rather than copying and pasting paragraphs, stories are told in unique words. Rather than throwing everything on the same page, news and rumors are separated. Featured stories and tidbits are also separated as well. A more organized method of reporting was the weapon of choice for Wrestling Revealed.